Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Engineering Directorate's staff of engineers, technicians, craftspeople, machinists, and other technical and administrative personnel form the foundation for most work performed at the Laboratory. This is because 80 percent of Engineering employees are matrixed to (that is, have work assignments in) a wide range of Laboratory programs. Thus, Engineering plays a unique role in providing not only engineering standards for the Laboratory but also a degree of continuity and stability. By helping the Laboratory accomplish its mission, Engineering defines and accomplishes its own, which is to enable program success today and ensure the Laboratory's vitality tomorrow.

In Engineering, personnel undertake projects with high technical risk, integrate and extend technologies concurrently, and use the extremes of both ultrascale and microscale to achieve results. Livermore engineers develop systems that push technologies to their extremes (such as very large and very precise at the same time).

The thrust of Engineering's work reflects this competency and spans the following:

  • Integrated engineering of large-scale, complex, applied physics systems.
  • Large, complex computational modeling and simulation.
  • Micro- and nanoscale engineering.
  • Measurement science at extreme dimensionalities.