Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The goals of investment in science, technology, and engineering at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory range from enhancing the Laboratory's research and development infrastructure to soliciting and funding our scientists' and engineers' most innovative new ideas. All such investments at LLNL are guided by a strategic plan.

Laboratory Directed Research and Development

The most innovative and exciting science and engineering programs at Lawrence Livermore often have roots in the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program. The ability to invest, through the LDRD Program, in the Laboratory's future by funding challenging and innovate research puts LLNL in a position to meet emerging mission challenges, attract and retain top researchers, and foster collaborations with other institutions and industry that promote the transfer of Laboratory technology to the private sector.

Each year, Lawrence Livermore's LDRD Program publishes an annual report summarizing each project, including scope, motivation, goals, mission relevance, technical progress, and resulting publications.