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Harold Brown (right) and Edward Teller
// A Look Back
Physicist, former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Harold Brown left an indelible mark
Simulation of a fusion reactor
// HEDS, S&T Highlights
LLNL's Center for Applied Scientific Computing collaborates with its fusion researchers.
The element zirconium
// LDRD, NCI, S&T Highlights
New research reveals that the radioactive isotope zirconium-88 is an excellent neutron absorber.
Logo of She Roars podcast series
// HEDS, Press
Deputy Director for Science and Technology Pat Falcone discusses her career, and women in science and technology in this Princeton University podcast.
Paul Durack
// E&A, Recognition
Livermore's Paul Durack has been awarded the World Climate Research Programme 2018 Data Prize.
Scientists talk at American Physics Society meeting social event
// HEDS, Lasers & Optics, S&T Highlights
The Laboratory was well represented at the recent 60th annual American Physical Society (APS) Division of Plasma Physics meeting.
Model of innate immune response
// BIO, HPC, LDRD, S&T Highlights
Livermore and University of Vermont researchers are exploring how deep reinforcement learning can discover therapeutic drug strategies for sepsis.
An artist’s representation of a block copolymer vesicle
// BIO, S&T Highlights
Livermore scientists have created polymer-based membranes that mimic the architecture of cellular membranes.
Two-micron fill-tube
// HEDS, S&T Highlights
A newly created two-micron-diameter fill tube solves a problem in inertial confinement fusion experiments.
The zirconium body-centered cubic lattice
// HEDS, LDRD, S&T Highlights
Scientists have discovered an unusual new type of phase transformation in the transition metal zirconium.