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Lawrence Livermore scientists have received funding improve the energy efficiency of copper-based catalysts to convert carbon dioxide into methane and other valuable hydrocarbon products.
Video screen capture of National Ignition Facility
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This video describes the work of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility.
Two researchers in front of logo
// Recognition
Two researchers affiliated with Lawrence Livermore, a current employee and a retiree, have been named fellows of the international Combustion Institute (link is external) (CI).
Cutaway showing Earth's core
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Livermore scientists observe the first experimental evidence of a noble gas element reacting with a metal.
Artist rendering of the solid electrolyte material
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An international collaboration jointly led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is studying materials for solid-state lithium-ion batteries.
Astronauts at the Nevada Test Site
// A Look Back
In February 1965, Apollo astronauts paid a visit to the pockmarked desert of the Nevada Test Site as part of their lunar training.
Researchers with drone
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A team of Livermore researchers is developing networks capable of "collaborative autonomy"
A defect-free stretch of fiber co-doped with erbium (Er) and ytterbium (Yb).
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Lawrence Livermore researchers are developing lasers that are both high-powered and “eye-safer” to reduce the danger of retinal damage to bystanders from exposure to scattered laser light.
Colorized image of a NIF “Bigfoot” deuterium-tritium (DT) implosion
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Bigfoot is an experimental platform designed to control implosion symmetry and hydrodynamic instabilities, improve predictability, and enhance the delivery of laser energy to NIF’s targets.
Screen shot of CAMS video
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Scientists use accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) to find out how old a sample is. (Video)