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3D-printed optic
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For the first time, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have successfully 3D-printed optical-quality glasses, on par with commercial glass products.
 Target filled with xenon gas emits x rays
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The Department of Defense and other U.S. agencies perform national-security-related experiments on the National Ignition Facility.
Engineer assembles a prototype target for NIF
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Lawrence Livermore's Target Fabrication Team builds tiny targets that illuminate big questions at the National Ignition Facility.
Two visualizations of unit cells
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The Laboratory’s Center for Design Optimization is working to fundamentally transform how engineers design complex parts and systems to be additively manufactured.
Boulby Mine, home to the Watchman experiment
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What are nations like North Korea and Iran really doing at nuclear reactors that are out of sight?

Someday, wispy subatomic particles known as antineutrinos could provide a clear view of what countries with illicit nuclear weapons programs are trying to hide.

Photomultiplier tubes on antineutrino detector
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Lawrence Livermore will lead a new international multi-laboratory and university collaboration for nonproliferation research.
Image of dirty graphene
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Scientific images by Livermore researchers are on view at the Bankhead Theater's art gallery through the end of April.
Artist's impression of combustion engine and molecular diagrams
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Laboratory scientists are developing models of high performance fuels to see how they would perform in advanced internal combustion engines.
Scientist working with quantum computing device
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Lawrence Livermore scientists are testing a quantum computing device.
Comparizon of asteroid size with buildings
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Livermore scientists scientists are part of a national planetary defense team that designed a conceptual spacecraft to deflect Earth-bound asteroids.