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Book cover
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This book presents recently developed computational approaches for the study of reactive materials under extreme physical and thermodynamic conditions.
Person uses virtual reality technology
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Virtual reality technology finds real-world applications at the National Ignition Facility.
Computed Axial Lithography system
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Researchers have developed a new high-speed 3D printing method called Computed Axial Lithography.
Graphic illustrating quantum superposition
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Livermore scientists have been researching and developing quantum systems for a decade
Scientist at keyboard
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Livermore scientists are developing software to protect the electric grid from cyberattack
molecular dynamics simulation shows the fast diffusion of hydrogen ions
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A research team successfully produced superionic ice.
Ignacio Laguna
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Ignacio Laguna was selected as one of four 2019 Better Scientific Software Fellows, recognizing his leadership and advocacy of high-quality scientific software.
Scientists examie power distribution grid simulation
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A Livermore team has taken a key step toward creating a commercial tool that utilities could use to modernize the grid.
Lake Tahoe in winter
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The Sierra snowpack will decline in years to come because of climate change effects.
Lasers beaming into a gold rugby hohlraum holding an aluminum fuel capsule
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Experiments using a hohlraum shaped like a rugby ball have significantly boosted the amount of laser-induced energy absorbed by an inertial confinement fusion fuel capsule.