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Scientist in forensics laboratory
// NCI, Press
Nations seek to better address future chemical-weapons threats.
Schematic of proton experiment at NIF
// S&T Highlights
An international team of researchers has created a powerful new source of protons at the National Ignition Facility.
Two scientists with ADMX cryostat system
// S&T Highlights
The Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX) unveiled a new result in Physical Review letters: it has achieved the necessary sensitivity to “hear” the telltale signs of dark matter axions.
Centimeters-long telescope mounted on naosatellite
// S&T Highlights
Livermore researchers have developed and tested an optical telescope system that can be used for Earth and space observation.
Two scientists in front of screen displaying computer data
// S&T Highlights
A research team is using machine learning to track the progression of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition characterized by an extreme reaction to infection.
Illustration of Earth Battery, with open cross-section of the ground
// S&T Highlights
The Earth Battery uses multiple fluids to store energy as pressure and heat underground.
3D-printed optic
// S&T Highlights
For the first time, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have successfully 3D-printed optical-quality glasses, on par with commercial glass products.
 Target filled with xenon gas emits x rays
// S&T Highlights
The Department of Defense and other U.S. agencies perform national-security-related experiments on the National Ignition Facility.
Engineer assembles a prototype target for NIF
// S&T Highlights
Lawrence Livermore's Target Fabrication Team builds tiny targets that illuminate big questions at the National Ignition Facility.
Two visualizations of unit cells
// S&T Highlights
The Laboratory’s Center for Design Optimization is working to fundamentally transform how engineers design complex parts and systems to be additively manufactured.