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Artist's conception of water transition to warm dense matter
// HEDS, Lasers & Optics, S&T Highlights
Livermore researchers and partners have driven water to extreme temperatures to study its behavior at extreme conditions.
Supernova remnant pictured in false color
// S&T Highlights
Experiments at the National Ignition Facility are providing scientists with new insights into the turbulent after-effects of a supernova explosion.
Tanker truck on highway
// S&T Highlights
Work by Livermore researchers has helped predict how high-performance fuels perform in advanced internal combustion engines.
Laser peening a metal's surface
// S&T Highlights
Livermore innovations in lasers made laser peening, using intense laser light to improve the quality of a material, a commercialization success story.
Satellite image of desert landscape
// E&A, Press
The rocks in Oman remove planet-warming carbon dioxide from the air and turn it to stone. In theory, these rocks could store hundreds of years of human emissions of CO2.
Dog training for explosives detection
// S&T Highlights
Livermore has developed a new additive manufacturing process for materials used to train dogs for explosives detection.
The inside of the target chamber at the Omega Laser
// S&T Highlights
Iron-silicon alloys have been compressed to unprecedented pressures equal to the center of a three-Earth-mass extrasolar planet.
High-resolution simulation of earth
// S&T Highlights
A new earth modeling system has been unveiled with weather-scale resolution that uses advanced computers to simulate Earth’s variability.
Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (ICCS) project
// S&T Highlights
Livermore researchers have mapped out how CO2 might be captured from existing U.S. ethanol biorefineries and stored underground.
image of nuclear plant
// S&T Highlights
For the first time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has issued state-by-state energy and water flow charts in one location.