Fusion and Astrophysics

group photo of TRA teacher group in fusion labThe Fusion/Astrophysics TRA will provide hands-on experience with classroom-tested labs and activities in physics and astronomy. All classroom tools meet Physical Sciences and Earth/Space Sciences NGSS Standards. Visit cutting-edge LLNL research labs and talk to scientists and engineers! These workshops prepare you to do a research internship at LLNL.

Workshop 1: This 3-day workshop focuses on how spectroscopy and the properties of light are used in fusion and solar science. Participants tour the National Ignition Facility and learn about the latest developments in fusion energy

Workshop 2: This 5-day workshop provides a crash course in stellar astrophysics, special relativity, and gravitation, with classroom-tested labs and activities. Each day includes a lab tour or a talk by a Livermore scientist or both. Tours include the Gamma-ray Spectrometer Lab, Center for Advanced Mass Spectroscopy, Electron Beam Ion Trap, and Jupiter Laser Facility.

Workshop 1: June 19–June 21, 2019   |   Time: 8:30am–3:30pm
Workshop 2: June 24–June 28, 2019   |   Time: 8:30am–3:30pm

Sliver Image
Surface of the sun executing fusion and astrophysics