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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a student?

The NSSC website has links to the consortium's member institutions, along with faculty members who are currently active in NSSC activities. A separate but related website, the NSSC University Lab Exchange Portal, can also be useful. You can also contact Livermore's NSSC point of contact, Stephan Friedrich.

2. Does NSSC provide funding for the student?

If a student is identified for your project, there is a possibility that NSSC will fully fund this student to perform the research.

3. Is there an account I can charge at my national laboratory for NSSC-student-related expenses?

Support for NSSC student mentoring is available. Please contact Stephan Friedrich, Livermore's NSSC point of contact, for more information.

3. Are there extra responsibilities related to supporting an NSSC student?

The NSSC Program expects you to mentor the student and to train and educate him or her on the technical aspects of your project. You are further encouraged to push the student to explore the nuclear security policy applications of the technical research, as appropriate. Specific expectations for a mentor depend on the mentor's home organization and the program organization in which the student will be working.

4. Can I have more than one NSSC student for the same project?

Yes, so long as you can still meet your mentoring responsibilities.

5. Can I have multiple projects with NSSC students?


6. Do I need to directly supervise an NSSC student's research project?

You will serve as the student's primary mentor and as the LLNL host. Students can be mentored on day-to-day tasks by postdoctoral scholars and researchers on your team, but the mentor is responsible for an NSSC student's overall experience at the Laboratory.

7. What is the timeline between submitting a project proposal and hiring a student?

If you submit a proposal through the NSSC University Lab Exchange, it will be immediately advertised and ready to accept applications. After the NSSC Program interviews qualified applicants, you will receive a recommendation for hire via email. The entire process is estimated to take about 2 months, depending on student responsiveness and scheduling.