Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL's Early-Mid Career Recognition (EMCR) Program recognizes and rewards extraordinary scientific, technical and engineering (ST&E) accomplishments; leadership; and the promise for sustained excellence demonstrated by scientists and engineers early in their careers (i.e., between 5 and 20 years since terminal degree). The EMCR Program is intended to acknowledge an exceptionally high and sustained level of scientific and technical achievement for early career scientists and engineers who have distinguished themselves by virtue of one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exceptionally strong scientific, technical or engineering contributions to programs of importance to the Laboratory
  • Noteworthy fundamental scientific discoveries or technical results that have had far-ranging impact in their field of research
  • Contributions that have resulted in significant advances for LLNL program

The primary goal of the EMCR Program is to identify individuals who have distinguished themselves and to provide an opportunity that will help these individuals to continue on a path to becoming future leaders of the Laboratory. Accomplishments that are considered for an EMCR award should be acknowledged both inside the Laboratory and in the external technical community.