Joined the PLS/Physics Directorate in 2021

John Ruby

Degree: Ph.D. in Physics from University of Rochester
Research: Thermal Physics and High-Energy-Density Physics
Joined LLNL: October 2021

Research at LLNL: JJ studies the thermodynamics of matter in hot dense conditions, temperatures ranging from thousands of Kelvin to many millions of Kelvin and around 1 g/cc and greater densities. These conditions are common in astrophysical settings, including within stellar interiors, around black hole accretion disks, and during the early universe and are made terrestrially using experimental capabilities such as those at the National Ignition Facility. JJ is particularly interested in how atomic processes within matter manifest in thermodynamic responses in experiments and their implications for astrophysical phenomena. He spends most of his time building models of the physical system and combining them with Bayesian inference techniques to extract information from integrated experimental measurements and astrophysical observations with the goal of using both to self-consistently inform the underlying physical models.

Bio: JJ Ruby is a Lawrence Fellow in the Physics Division of the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate. He earned a B.S. (2016) in astrophysics and planetary science from Villanova University. JJ completed his Ph.D. (2021) in physics at the University of Rochester, performing his research at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Prior to joining LLNL, JJ was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Matter at Atomic Pressures (CMAP) at the University of Rochester.

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Joined the PLS/Physics Directorate in 2021