Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Scientists and engineers at LLNL publish their work in a broad range of peer-reviewed journals. Below are some recent papers featured on the covers of journals. (Older publications are available in the archive.)


"Controlling Material Reactivity Using Architecture"

"Nuclear Forensics: Scientific Analysis Supporting Law Enforcement and Nuclear Security Investigations"

"YFCC100M: The New Data in Multimedia Research"



"Catalyst design for enhanced sustainability through fundamental surface chemistry"

"Engineering on-chip nanoporous gold material libraries via precision photothermal treatment"

"Impact of laser-contaminant interaction on the performance of the protective capping layer of 1 ω high-reflection mirror coatings"



"Carbyne Fiber Synthesis within Evaporating Metallic Liquid Carbon"

"Experimental and numerical investigations of beryllium strength models using the Rayleigh-Taylor instability"

"Origins of optical absorption characteristics of Cu2+ complexes in aqueous solutions"



"Ordering in bio-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials probed by in situ scanning transmission X-ray microscopy"

"On-Demand and Location Selective Particle Assembly via Electrophoretic Deposition for Fabricating Structures with Particle-to-Particle Precision"

"Direct numerical simulation of shear localization and decomposition reactions in shock-loaded HMX crystal"



"Transistors: Bioelectronic Light-Gated Transistors with Biologically Tunable Performance"

"Micro-Shaping, Polishing, and Damage Repair of FusedSilica Surfaces Using Focused Infrared Laser Beams"

"Supercapacitors: Potential-Induced Electronic Structure Changes in Supercapacitor Electrodes Observed by In Operando Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy"



"Multi-center semi-empirical quantum models for carbon under extreme thermodynamic conditions"

"Time resolved electron microscopy for in situ experiments"



Archive of featured publications