Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


"Manufacturing over many scales: high-fidelity macroscale coverage of nanoporous metal arrays via lift-off-free nanofabrication"

"Implementation of a thermomechanical model for the simulation of selective laser melting"

"Battery–supercapacitor hybrid via non-covalent functionalization of graphene macro-assemblies"



"Three-dimensional printing of elastomeric cellular architectures with negative stiffness"

"Bulk materials: ultra-strong and low-density nanotubular bulk materials with tunable feature sizes"

"Ramp compression of diamond to five terapascals"



"Dynamic control over electronic transport in 3D bulk nanographene via interfacial charging"

"Large-aperture fast multilevel Fresnel zone lenses in glass and ultrathin polymer films for visible and near-infrared imaging applications"

"Kinetic studies of the [NpO2(CO3)3]4– ion at alkaline conditions using 13C NMR"



"Time-dependent evolution of RF-generated nonthermal particle distributions in fusion plasmas"

"Spatially resolved chemical imaging of individual atmospheric particles using nanoscale imaging mass spectrometry"

"Characterization of the fast electrons distribution produced in a high-intensity laser–target interaction"

"Effects of self-heating and phase change on the thermal profile of hydrogen isotopes in confined geometries"

"Substrate-integrated hollow waveguides: a new level of
integration in mid-infrared gas sensing"

"Exploring high-temperature phenomena related to
post-detonation using an electric arc"



"Probing actinide electronic structure through Pu cluster calculations"

"Progress towards ignition on the National Ignition Facility"

"Plasmonic black metals in resonant nanocavities"



"An arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus significantly modifies the soil bacterial community and nitrogen cycling during litter decomposition"

"Prebiotic chemistry within a simple impacting icy mixture"

"Message passing interface and multithreading hybrid for parallel molecular docking of large databases on petascale high performance computing machines"



"Automated identification and indexing of dislocations in crystal interfaces"

"The properties of hydrogen and helium under extreme conditions"

"Growth inhibition of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystal by linear aspartic acid enantiomers investigated by in situ atomic force microscopy"



"Relation between electric and magnetic field structures and their proton-beam images"

"Graphene: macroscopic 3d nanographene with dynamically tunable bulk properties"

"A 31P NMR investigation of the CoPi water-oxidation catalyst"



"Nonadiabatic forces in ion–solid interactions: the initial stages of radiation damage"

"First implosion experiments with cryogenic thermonuclear fuel on the National Ignition Facility"

"The effect of safety factor profile on transport in steady-state, high-performance scenarios"