Veteran and Military Programs

Since its founding in 1952, Lawrence Livermore has enjoyed strong ties to the nation’s armed forces. LLNL researchers today work closely with all four military branches. What’s more, nearly 500 veterans working at the Laboratory have established a reputation for technical excellence as well as leadership and problem-solving skills.

The Laboratory is helping returning veterans, active duty members, and future officers acquire critical job skills and knowledge and become better acquainted with the Laboratory’s mission. Lawrence Livermore’s veteran and military education programs include:

Veteran Internship Program: In partnership with California community colleges, provides vets education in high-tech fields.

Engineering Technology Program: In partnership with Las Positas College, trains vets to become mechanical engineering technicians.

Military Academic Research Associates Program: Cadets, midshipmen, and faculty from military academies complete summer assignments.

ROTC Internship Program: Cadets and midshipmen from universities complete summer assignments.

Air Force Fellows Program: Duty majors have one-year assignments to learn about Stockpile Stewardship.

Army Education with Industry Program: An Army Science and Engineering Duty Officer is assigned to LLNL’s Environmental, Science, and Health office.

Air Force Academy Outreach Program: Cadets learn about nuclear deterrence and associated weapons, and technical and policy issues.

Newly Commissioned Officer Program: Officers participate in Livermore research programs.

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