Introduction and Applications

Smartphones are a powerful educational tool and a low-cost complement to traditional physics teaching methods to reinforce students’ interest in learning. By making physics experiments more engaging with built-in phone sensors, students can quickly attach real-world experiences to abstract concepts.

Welcome to LLNL's Physics with Phones curriculum. By linking technological elements with everyday activities, students can actively contribute to in-person and virtual learning environments. This is now possible by exploiting the “supercomputers” and powerful sensor systems in the phones that most students carry to class every day. Each lesson details activities using built-in smartphone sensors to illustrate key physics concepts, including elevation, g force, and angular velocity. Links to the iOS and Android applications needed to complete the lessons outlined in the left sidebar are available below.


Physics with Phones Introduction and Summary:

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Physics with Phones–Physics Alive! Podcast

046-Physics with Phones–Physics Alive!



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