A Look Back

Science on Saturday is a series of science lectures for middle and high school students. Each topic highlights cutting-edge science occurring at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The talks are presented by LLNL scientists in collaboration with local area high school science teachers. These presentations are offered in several locations. Admission is free of charge. Seating is on a first-come first-served basis. Location: Bankhead Theater (2400 First St, Livermore, CA 94550) Two Presentations: 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM; Download Flyer
Harold Brown (right) and Edward Teller
// A Look Back
Physicist, former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Harold Brown left an indelible mark
Underground cavity formed by nuclear explosion
// A Look Back
The Atomic Energy Commission established the Plowshare Program in June 1957 to explore the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
Moving a massive magnet across Laboratory grounds in 1981
// A Look Back

Over a busy weekend in early May 1981, a method used by the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids was used to move a massive piece of 20th century technology across the Lab grounds.

Photo of Neil Armstrong
// A Look Back

In September 1981, legendary astronaut and first man on the moon Neil Armstrong visited Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the filming of a TV documentary on the U.S.

Astronauts at the Nevada Test Site
// A Look Back
In February 1965, Apollo astronauts paid a visit to the pockmarked desert of the Nevada Test Site as part of their lunar training.
image of explosion and crater from Sudan event
// A Look Back
On July 6, 1962, the Sedan Event, the largest of the Project Plowshare experiments, was conducted at the Nevada Test Site. This 100-kiloton blast produced a crater approximately 1,200-feet-in-diameter, with a depth of 320 feet ...