Lawrence Livermore Postdoc Association

Lanthanide and Actinide Sciences/MSD
Lab Join Date: January 2021

Zach is a Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellow in the Physical Life Sciences Directorate studying the metallurgy and additive manufacturing of transition metal high entropy alloys.

Operations Research and Systems Analysis (CED)
Lab Join Date: 04/12/2021
Events and Outreach Officer, Foreign National representative on IPPB

Leno performs research on decision-making Artificial Intelligence systems at CED. He believes that LLNL postdoc enables an ideal balance between self-directed career advancements and industrial applied research.

Design Physics Division
Lab Join Date: Dec 2019


Cole is a Design Physics postdoc who works with members of the Nuclear Data and Theory group on uncertainty quantification for low-energy nuclear reactions.

Computational Engineering Division
Lab Join Date: September 2020

Brian studies and applies neural networks as a postdoc in CED’s Machine Learning group. His time as a postdoc has been enhanced by the resources provided by the lab, which can be tough to utilize without asking a few questions.