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Science on Saturday is a series of science lectures for middle and high school students. Each topic highlights cutting-edge science occurring at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The talks are presented by LLNL scientists in collaboration with local area high school science teachers. At these presentations, worksheets are made available for a deeper learning opportunity.

Below please find links to worksheets from the 2018 and 2019 Science on Saturday presentations. Within each worksheet is the link to the corresponding Science on Saturday video recorded at the Bankhead Theatre in Livermore and made available through University of California Television network. Worksheets are provided as a remote learning activity only; extra credit opportunities should be addressed with the student's teacher directly. The 2020 Science on Saturday presentations will be forthcoming.


Science on Saturday Worksheets

SPACE (2020)

Return to Apollo: Geologic Evolution of a Young Moon

Health in Space: Developing New Tools for the Trip to Mars

Planetary Defense: Avoiding a Cosmic Catastrophe


THE BRAIN (2019)

Giving Your Brain a Voice: Engineering Sensors that Listen to Brain Cells

In the Mood: Deciphering Complex Brain Signals

Seed, Soil and Spread: 3D Bioprinted Model for Metastatic Brain Tumors

Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier: One Byte at a Time



Laser-Plasma Accelerators: Riding the Wave to the Next Generation Light Sources

Biomedical Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Improving Human Health One Atom At a Time

Biomolecular Action Movies: Flash Imaging with X-Ray Lasers

The Evolution of Computing Technologies: From Following Instructions to Learning


Science on Saturday video archive

Additional Science on Saturday presentations can viewed on the University of California Television network.