Institutional Postdoc Program Board

LLNL is fully committed to providing a rewarding experience for the Lab’s postdocs and has established a strong postdoctoral program to make this possible. The postdoc program is governed by the Institutional Postdoc Program Board (IPPB). The IPPB is charged with defining roles and responsibilities for the program participants, evaluating the quality and impact of the program, and providing broad-based managerial support for postdoctoral researchers at LLNL. The Board also fosters career development for postdocs of all scientific disciplines through the Research Slam! competition, the annual poster symposium, an ongoing career development seminar series, and by sponsoring the LLNL postdoc association that organizes informal social activities for postdocs.

Contact us:
Program director: Susan Carroll  |
Program manager : Christine Zachow |

IPPB Member Roster
Member Role Email
Ted Baumann PLS Representative
Sofia Quaglioni Alt. Representative from PLS
Chris Cooper Engineering Representative
Andy Pascall Engineering Representative
Daniel Osei-Kuffuor Computing Representative
Harshitha Menon Gopalakrishnan Computing Representative
Matthew Buckner WCI Representative
Matthias Hohenberger NIF/HED Representative
Catherine Percher ES&H
Asmeret Asghedom CGSR, DO Representative
Christine Hartmann Global Security Representative
Kristin Croteau DDST/Finance representative
Leno Leno da Silva FN Postdoc Representative
Zachary Sims Postdoc Representative
Michelle Perez-Robles Program Administrator
TBD Brown bag coordinator N/A