Being a Postdoc at LLNL

We have over 250 postdocs at LLNL and our successful candidates are offered a one- or two-year term with the possibility of being extended up to three years. During their tenure, postdocs are expected to conduct basic or applied research that is publishable in peer-reviewed journals, develop scientific expertise in their field of research, present their research at national and international meetings, and gain experience in the writing research proposals.

In addition to your research projects, LLNL allows you to charge up to 25% of your time to an account that is focused on your professional development as a scientist. For example, you could attend additional lectures, learn more about the Laboratory, finish writing up papers from your graduate work, or learn about new avenues of research.

Within the Laboratory, the postdocs are housed in either a discipline (Computation, Engineering, or Physical and Life Sciences) or a program (Global Security, Weapons and Complex Integration, or National Ignition Facility and Photon Science). Successful postdoc have demonstrated: 1) scientific productivity through a robust publication list; 2) academic excellence through a strong grade point average at a reputable university; and 3) collaboration and teamwork through convincing letters of reference. Apply

Named Fellowships
The Lab also offers a handful of named postdoctoral fellowships:

scientists completing lab work NIF