To work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is to have the chance to become an expert in your field, and to develop your career by working in a broad variety of areas and positions. People who join Livermore find a community of dedicated individuals working to advance the Laboratory’s missions on diverse teams of cross-disciplinary specialists with access to some of the most advanced scientific instruments in the world.

The Laboratory believes in career development and continuous learning. It invests in advancing your career by offering a wide range of educational programs and external courses, including pathways to advanced degrees.

Employees are encouraged to move around, try different jobs, and engage with many groups working on a variety of problems. Some staff members choose to develop deep expertise in a science or technology field, while others move towards other types of careers in, for example, project management or group leadership. At Livermore, your education, experience, and training can take you in many different directions.

The Laboratory offers staff positions that involve, among others:

  • Working on teams of multidisciplinary experts
  • Performing basic or applied research
  • Leading projects and programs
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Fabricating one-of-a-kind devices and instruments
  • Envisioning and building facilities and next-generation scientific capabilities
  • Connecting and collaborating with industry and academia
  • Working outside the Laboratory on loan to federal and international agencies.