Fun with Science: Elephant Toothpaste

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Learn chemical formulas for household items

2. Observe a chemical reaction

3. Understand the use of personal protective equipment (gloves and glasses)

Key Terminology:
Exothermic, catalyst, atom, molecule, diatomic

Relevant NGSS Standard(s):
5-PSI-4 Structure and Properties of Matter

Test your knowledge & Take the Quiz!

  1. What is a catalyst?
  2. What is the catalyst in this experiment?
  3. Why is there steam coming out of the cylinder?
  4. What is the steam made of? How many atoms are in 1 molecule of water?
  5. What is the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide?

Video Duration: 8 minutes, 40 seconds

Fun with Science: Elephant Toothpaste