What will my student do at STEM-SJ?

Your child will participate in three workshops that will be taught by scientists, engineers, or other professionals and involve hands-on interactive instruction. 

My child's friend received a postcard or flyer. Why didn't my child receive one?

The postcards are distributed to past attendees. Flyers are sent to local clubs and math/science teachers in the local schools if we have their approval. Some schools have the flyer on their websites and/or announce the conference in their school newsletters or in classes. The conference flyer is provided on our homepage.

My child has a special diet. What food is provided?

Conference attendees are given a snack and lunch. Please include a note on your child's registration if you have special dietary needs. 


When does registration open?

Registration usually opens on August 1. Space is limited and the conference fills up quickly. We encourage you to register early.

How do I register my child(ren) for the conference?

The preferred method of registration is online via the registration link on the STEM San Joaquin homepage. The registration fee is $20.00 per student. Register and payment can be completed in one easy process. Your child will receive a group assignment and assigned workshops at check-in on the day of the conference. 

What if we cannot afford the registration fee?

Fee waivers are available, email stem-sj@llnl.gov

I paid for the conference but now cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

To request a refund, send an email to stem-sj@llnl.gov Refund requests will be considered individually, as we cannot refund close to the conference date after T-shirts and food have been ordered.

Can my child come as a stand-by on the day of the conference? 

We do not allow day-of registrations. Please pre-register online. 


We do not live in the San Joaquin area, but our child is in grades 6-9. Can they register?

Yes, they may register. You do not need to live in the San Joaquin area to attend the conference. 

Can I be with my child at the conference or come in with them when I drop her off? 

Your child needs to be mature enough to attend the conference without a parent. Parents may not attend with their children. 

What should my child wear or bring to the conference?

Comfortable shoes should be worn, as they will need to walk between workshops. A watch and a coat or jacket is recommended if the weather is chilly.


What if my child does not like the workshops they gets?

Workshops are assigned  to accommodate the whole of the conference. We are unable to take special requests. 

My child wants to be in the same workshop as her friend, sister, etc., and won't go if she can't be. Can she get in?

Please email stem-sj@llnl.gov with this request. 

When do we know what workshops are assigned to our child?

Your child will receive their workshop assignments at check-in on the morning of the conference. 

In Case of an Emergency

In case of an emergency, how do I contact the conference organizers on the day of the conference?

Visit the Volunteer station (manned all day at Anderson Hall) or email stem-sj@llnl.gov.