Science and Technology
on a Mission

Scientist working on equipment.

Science and Technology
on a Mission


We are applying our science and technology strengths in the biosciences, engineering, HPC, and more to develop solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance Learning

While sheltering at home, students can use their smartphones to do physics experiments provided by the Laboratory’s Science Education Program. 


Our scientists and engineers focus their extreme curiosity on national and global security challenges. Learn more about the Laboratory’s R&D work here.


Learn about our recent scientific discoveries, the achievements of our researchers, and the impact of breakthrough Livermore technologies.


We partner with industry, academia, and government to advance science and technology that enhances national and global security. Come partner with us!


Explore the endless possibilities that working at Livermore offers scientists, engineers, postdocs, students, and veterans.

Meeting National and Global Security Challenges

Our science and technology is helping to overcome many critical challenges like these

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People in S&T

Meet some of our amazing people!

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Facilities in S&T

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