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Advanced Optical Materials journal cover
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A Livermore team reports on the fabrication of amorphous photonic structures using pigmentary ferric oxide/silicon dioxide core–shell nanoparticles.
New York Times image of nuclear explosion
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For the first time, footage is available in an online archive after some of about 10,000 nuclear testing films were restored, scrutinized and declassified in a project by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. By Christine Hauser/The New York Times
Nature Astronomy cover
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An international team of researchers report the discovery of a direct connection between a radio relic and a radio galaxy in the merging galaxy cluster Abell 3411–3412.
Advanced Materials January 2017 journal cover
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The key role of solid interfaces in determining thermodynamics and kinetics suggests a new paradigm for optimizing complex hydrides for solid-state hydrogen storage by engineering internal microstructure.
Dalton Transactions cover image
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This study combines electron microscopy equipped with energy dispersive spectroscopy to probe major element composition and autoradiography to map plutonium in order to examine the spatial relationships between plutonium and fallout composition in aerodynamic glassy fallout from a nuclear weapon test.
Image of galaxies
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Research team reports the discovery of a direct connection between a radio relic and a radio galaxy in the merging galaxy cluster Abell 3411–3412
Test tubes containing nanowires
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This communication reports a new method to purify copper nanowires with nearly 100% yield from undesired copper nanoparticle side-products formed during batch processes of copper nanowire synthesis.
A metamaterial
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The authors demonstrate hierarchical metamaterials with disparate three-dimensional features spanning seven orders of magnitude, from nanometres to centimetres.
Artist conception of carbon nanotube structure
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Small‐diameter carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are shown to enable exceptionally fast transport of water vapor under a concentration gradient driving force.
Optical manufacturing system
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Authors have developed a method to manufacture high-gradient corrective optical elements for high-power laser systems using deterministic magnetorheological finishing (MRF) imprinting technology.