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A still from a Cardioid simulation
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Livermore researchers have successfully optimized a code that models the human heartbeat for next-generation, graphics processing unit (GPU)-based supercomputers.
Journal cover
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We present a procedure that exploits thermally driven solid-state diffusional dewetting to yield considerable flexibility in generating ensembles of gold nanoparticles.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Bill Goldstein (right) shakes hands with San Francisco 49ers chairman John York
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Officials from the National Football League visited Lawrence Livermore to hear how national laboratories are advancing scientific understanding of traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Schematic illustration depicts the transition of ice growth by dynamic compression
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Research provides a new insight of crystal growth under dynamic compression.
Ben Santer
// Recognition
Sigma Xi has awarded Ben Santer the William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement.
Setup for a survivability experiment inside the NIF target chamber
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Lawrence Livermore’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) has become a key tool for testing the survivability of nuclear weapon components.
Carlos Castro holds award
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LLNL senior engineering associate Carlos Castro is the co-winner of the 2019 Larry Foreman Award for innovation and excellence in ICF target fabrication.
Satelite orbiting asteroid Psyche
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Livermore scientists are designing and building a gamma-ray spectrometer, called GeMini-Plus, to explore the asteroid Psyche.
Mosquito carrying metal foam cylinder on its back while standing on cotton
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Livermore researchers have created ultra-low-density metal foams of gold, silver, and copper.
Livermore's iCHIP (in vitro chip-based human investigational platform)
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Livermore’s new investigational platform could provide an innovative means for better understanding brain pathology.