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Artist's conception of laser heating metal atoms
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Researchers have discovered a solution to a major type of defect in metal 3D-printed parts.
Data from Wolter optic
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The Wolter x-ray microscope, the optic significantly improves image resolution and throughput compared to conventional x-ray imaging systems.
Artist's conception of hohlraum during fusion experiment
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Scientists at the National Ignition Facility successively produced record numbers of fusion neutrons.
Artist's conception of satellite in orbit
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The Laboratory is advancing CubeSat technology.
Microcapsules, machine learning symbols, brain
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Livermore scientists have discovered they can use machine learning to automate microencapsulation quality control in real-time
Researcher inspects laser equipment
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NIF’s laser optics damage mitigation program is one example of how the private sector is benefiting from Livermore’s Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory.
Energy flow chart
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Americans used more energy in 2018 than in any other year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Livermore.
Scientist Ate Visser
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Livermore researchers and their collaborators have studied the mixture of water ages in Providence Creek, a stream in the southern California.
Scientists at terminals
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Since 1979, NARAC has provided atmospheric modeling support for nuclear accidents and chemical releases.
Jamie King
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Laser Institute honors safety officer Jamie King with R. James Rockwell Jr. Educational Achievement Award.