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Engineer with diffraction gratings
// S&T Highlights
A team has designed a new generation of compressor gratings that could boost the performance of the world’s ultrafast high-power laser systems by as much as 20 percent.
2019 S&T Excellence in Publication Awards
// Director's Awards

Nine staff project teams, four postdocs, and four students have received 2019 S&T Excellence in Publication Awards for their exceptional endeavors in science and technology.

Laser hitting 3D-printed object
// S&T Highlights
LLNL researchers have combined synchrotron X-ray diffraction with computer modeling to better understand the link between residual stresses and the mechanical properties of 3D-printed 316L stainless steel.
Images of nanoscale material features with penny
// S&T Highlights
Researchers have developed a breakthrough in nanoscale 3D printing, developing a scalable method of nanofabrication up to 1,000 times faster than any previous method.
Bar graph and images of NIF implosions.
// S&T Highlights
LLNL researchers described the results of effort to develop a modeling capability “reliable enough to guide NIF experiments to ignition” in a featured Physics of Plasmas.
Six scientist portraits
// Recognition
Six Lawrence Livermore scientists have been selected as 2019 fellows of the American Physical Society (APS).
Scanning electron microscopy image of 3D-printed lattice
// S&T Highlights
Livermore researchers have designed a new class of 3D-printed lattice structures that combine light weight and high stiffness, despite breaking a rule previously thought to be required to exhibit such properties.
Artist's conception of nanoporin
// S&T Highlights
Multi-institutional group of researchers examines single digit nanopores.
Earth from space
// S&T Highlights
By comparing observations to large ensembles of climate model simulations, scientists can now better isolate when human-caused climate change was first identifiable in observations.
Image of 6 2019 DMTS winners
// Director's Awards

Six scientists have been named 2019 Distinguished Members of Technical Staff (DMTS) for their extraordinary scientific and technical contributions to the Laboratory and its missions, as acknowledged by their professional peers and the larger community.