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The Z line VISAR final optics assembly
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Livermore and Sandia national laboratories continue their longstanding collaboration on high-energy-density research.
Viruses with superimposed images of people in labs
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To help the United States fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Lawrence Livermore did what it does best: quickly bring together interdisciplinary teams and diverse technologies to address urgent national challenges.
Chemical formulae and structures
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A research team has created machine learning models that can predict molecules’ crystalline properties from their chemical structures alone, such as molecular density.
Nuclear weapon blast simulation
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A Livermore team has taken a closer look at how nuclear weapon blasts close to the Earth’s surface create complications in their effects and apparent yields.
Xue Zheng (left) and Andrea Schmidt
// Recognition
Two scientists from Livermore are recipients of the 2021 Department of Energy’s Office of Science Early Career Research Program award.
B&W photo of Richard Post sitting next to giant magnet
// A Look Back
Livermore began investigating controlled thermonuclear reactions and fusion early in its history
Equipment in the Jupiter laser
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Researchers describe how a laser-plasma system can be tuned to produce large and measurable changes in the group velocity of light.
Lab equipment with laser
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Researchers have developed a light-activated switch that, if fully deployed, could reduce carbon emissions by more than 10 percent.
Title words and mujlticolored globular visualization
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The Livermore-led VisIt visualization and analysis tool has supported scalable, high-quality evaluation of simulation results for over 20 years.
Picture of Saturn
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Scientists have revealed experimental evidence that helium rain is possible over a range of pressure and temperature conditions expected to occur inside Jupiter and Saturn.