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Computer rendering of grain boundaries in metal
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Scientists discover the relationship between the crystallographic character of metals and their resistance to embrittlement from exposure to hydrogen.
Scientists in lab
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Livermore researchers use nanolipoprotein particles to deliver a safe and effective vaccine for one of the most infectious bacterial pathogens in existence.
THe Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory
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Livermore has opened the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, where Livermore is working side by side with the private sector and academia to create new materials.
Lunar rocks
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Livermore cosmochemists are among those who will analyze the Apollo 17 samples sealed 50 years ago to study the geologic history of the site where the rocks were collected.
High-performance computers
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Livermore is developing machine learning tools for applications beyond standard commercial and consumer applications
Earth from space
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Climate scientists at Livermore announced the release of new data sets that will provide fresh insights into past and future climate change.
Simulation of laser ablation shock
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Researchers have discovered an efficient mechanism for laser ablation that could help pave the way to the use of less costly lasers in many industrial laser processing applications.
Artist's conception of beta decay
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An international team has found the answer to a 50-year-old puzzle that explains why beta decays of atomic nuclei are slower than expected.
E3SM  climate simulation
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Investigators have found a technique to reduce the uncertainty in predicting future change.
Tammy Ma and members of California legislature
// Recognition
Tammy Ma has been named Woman of the Year for the 16th Assembly District by Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan.