Science @ Home

As scientists have been working from home, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Livermore Lab Foundation took this opportunity to have scientists and engineers from different disciplines share an experiment related to their scientific area and their career path in home videos they help to produce!

As a follow on to these videos, LLNL, LLF and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District hosted a four-part series for local students called Ask a Scientistproviding live, virtual presentations by these same scientists featured below.


Planetary Defense
Follow along at home with Megan Bruck Syal, LLNL planetary defense physicist, as she shows you how we keep our planet safe from asteroids and comets using science!
Staying Entertained with Physics
Leland Ellison, LLNL computational physicist, takes you through some fun physics demonstrations you can do at home!
What Does an Atmospheric Scientist Do?
Join Jessica Osuna, LLNL atmospheric scientist, as she walks you through her job—which involves everything from keeping the world safe in the event of a nuclear release to exploring other planets!
Edible Aquifer Experiment
Monique Warren, LLNL environmental engineer, tells you a little bit about her job, how she got into her field and takes you along with her as she makes a delicious (and educational) treat.
Laser Physics
Join Félicie Albert, LLNL laser physicist, as she demonstrates some awesome physics magic at home!