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Images of spores
// Journal Covers
Preparation and sectioning of bacterial spores by focused ion beam and subsequent high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry analytical imaging is demonstrated.
Images of optical damage
// Journal Covers
In this study, we quantitatively compare the effectiveness and efficiency of mid-IR (4.6 μm) versus far-IR (10.6 μm) lasers in mitigating damage growth on fused silica surfaces.
Photo of Neil Armstrong
// A Look Back

In September 1981, legendary astronaut and first man on the moon Neil Armstrong visited Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the filming of a TV documentary on the U.S.

Astronauts at the Nevada Test Site
// A Look Back
In February 1965, Apollo astronauts paid a visit to the pockmarked desert of the Nevada Test Site as part of their lunar training.
image of explosion and crater from Sudan event
// A Look Back
On July 6, 1962, the Sedan Event, the largest of the Project Plowshare experiments, was conducted at the Nevada Test Site. This 100-kiloton blast produced a crater approximately 1,200-feet-in-diameter, with a depth of 320 feet ...
Planetary Defense
// Science at Home
Follow along at home with Megan Bruck Syal, LLNL planetary defense physicist, as she shows you how we keep our planet safe from asteroids and comets using science!
Images from a 2D Spheral simulation
// S&T Highlights

Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Planetary Defense program are releasing details of their research on the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor.

Staying Entertained with Physics
// Science at Home
Leland Ellison, LLNL computational physicist, takes you through some fun physics demonstrations you can do at home!
What Does an Atmospheric Scientist Do?
// Science at Home
Join Jessica Osuna, LLNL atmospheric scientist, as she walks you through her job—which involves everything from keeping the world safe in the event of a nuclear release to exploring other planets!
Edible Aquifer Experiment
// Science at Home
Monique Warren, LLNL environmental engineer, tells you a little bit about her job, how she got into her field and takes you along with her as she makes a delicious (and educational) treat.