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Rob Falgout
// Recognition
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has selected computational mathematician Rob Falgout as an esteemed member of its 2021 Class of SIAM Fellows.
Four simulations of neutron energy impact on asteroid
// S&T Highlights
The neutron energy output from a nuclear device detonation can affect the deflection of an asteroid.
Droplet™ Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) machine
// Recognition
Livermore researchers and their colleagues who help them commercialize technologies have won three national technology transfer awards this year.
U.S. energy flow chart
// S&T Highlights
Americans used approximately 7 percent less energy in 2020, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to energy flow charts released by Livermore.
Artist's rendeing of hydrogen gas bubbles forming  a thin layer of gallium oxynitride formed on gallium nitride surfaces.
// S&T Highlights
A research team uncovered a surprising, self-improving property in a silicon/gallium nitride photosynthesis device that contributes to the material’s highly efficient and stable performance in converting light and water into carbon-free hydrogen.
Stratocumulus clouds with drizzle over the ocean
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Researchers are improving the modeling of drizzle in stratocumulus clouds to enhance the accuracy of climate models.
Two researchers load a mask blank into equipment for smoothing
// S&T Highlights
The silicon brains running some of the world’s newest mobile phones and personal computers were made possible in part by advanced laser and plasma physics research at LLNL.
Map of Sea surface temperature anomalies on Pacific Ocean
// S&T Highlights
New research shows that naturally occurring climate variations help to explain a long-standing difference between climate models and satellite observations of global warming.
Diagram of neural network with images of people
// S&T Highlights
Livermore scientists have developed a new framework and an accompanying visualization tool that leverages deep reinforcement learning for symbolic regression problems,
The greenland ice sheet
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Wthin the last 1.1 million years, Greenland had thriving vegetation and ecosystems.