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Hohlraum with laser beams entering at sides
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Livermore’s Inertial Confinement Fusion program brings unparalleled value to the nation.
Map of Sea surface temperature anomalies on Pacific Ocean
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New research shows that naturally occurring climate variations help to explain a long-standing difference between climate models and satellite observations of global warming.
Diagram of neural network with images of people
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Livermore scientists have developed a new framework and an accompanying visualization tool that leverages deep reinforcement learning for symbolic regression problems,
The greenland ice sheet
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Wthin the last 1.1 million years, Greenland had thriving vegetation and ecosystems.
The Paris-Edinburgh-type press with specialized thermoelectric cell assembly
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Researchers have shown how applying pressure to a specific thermoelectric material, TiNiSn, increases its efficiency and leads to a structural phase transition.
Acting NNSA Administrator Charles Verdon
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Outgoing Director Goldstein has received honors from the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration recognizing his accomplishments as a scientist, leader in national security, and director of LLNL.
Four researchers head shots, with four x-ray images
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New work by computer scientists at Livermore and IBM Research on deep learning models to accurately diagnose diseases from x-ray images won the Best Paper award for Computer-Aided Diagnosis at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference.
Experimental set-up with laser, microstructure, and data plot
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Livermore scientists have achieved a near 100 percent increase in the amount of antimatter created in the laboratory.
 "Permitting Carbon Capture & Storage Projects in California" report cover
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According to a Livermore report, California will need to both intensify efforts in emission reduction measures and technologies that are already underway and deploy technologies that dramatically reduce existing emissions.
Space Science Institute logo over image of four people at work
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The Laboratory has launched the new Space Science Institute, intended to boost cross-discipline collaboration and discovery.