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Energy flow chart
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Americans used more energy in 2018 than in any other year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Livermore.
Scientist Ate Visser
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Livermore researchers and their collaborators have studied the mixture of water ages in Providence Creek, a stream in the southern California.
Scientists at terminals
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Since 1979, NARAC has provided atmospheric modeling support for nuclear accidents and chemical releases.
Jamie King
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Laser Institute honors safety officer Jamie King with R. James Rockwell Jr. Educational Achievement Award.
Computer rendering of grain boundaries in metal
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Scientists discover the relationship between the crystallographic character of metals and their resistance to embrittlement from exposure to hydrogen.
Scientists in lab
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Livermore researchers use nanolipoprotein particles to deliver a safe and effective vaccine for one of the most infectious bacterial pathogens in existence.
THe Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory
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Livermore has opened the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, where Livermore is working side by side with the private sector and academia to create new materials.
Lunar rocks
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Livermore cosmochemists are among those who will analyze the Apollo 17 samples sealed 50 years ago to study the geologic history of the site where the rocks were collected.
High-performance computers
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Livermore is developing machine learning tools for applications beyond standard commercial and consumer applications
Earth from space
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Climate scientists at Livermore announced the release of new data sets that will provide fresh insights into past and future climate change.