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Three people standing on top of building with large fan units
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Livermore’s Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project team delivered the infrastructure required to bring exascale computing online in 2023.
Electrical component with parallel metal fins
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A light-activated technology significantly improves electricity delivery for smart grid applications.
Computer workflow illustration with boxes and lines
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A scalable workflow manager maximizes utilization of computing resources for complex research.
Black box containing electronic equipment and R&D 100 logo
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An advanced multiplicity counter provides critical real-time data to identify nuclear threats.
Person wuth gloved hand holding metal cylinder
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Livermore has received a sample from the spacecraft Hayabusa2's mission to the asteroid 162173 Ryugu.
R&D 100 logo
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Cutting-edge Livermore technologies have garnered prestigious R&D 100 awards for more than 40 years.
Diagram with waveforms and components
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Livermore researchers' design could enable construction of an ultrafast laser up to 1,000 times more powerful than existing lasers of the same size.
DSO logo
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A Livermore team claimed a top prize at an international competition for an artificial intelligence framework they developed capable of interpreting real-life COVID-19 data.
Computer-generated map of United States with 3-D areas of two colors
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Livermore scientists have created a new adjoint waveform tomography model that more accurately simulates earthquake and explosion ground motions.
Bearded man working at lab table with metal containers and glass blank
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An optical device and software developed by Livermore are on board the James Webb telescope, helping to provide images and data.