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Foggy landscape
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Researchers have shown that an improved representation of drizzle rates leads to more pollution in the atmosphere.
LLNL researchers Nick Fischer and Amy Rasley in front of test equipment and laptop.
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ConserV Bioscience Limited (CBL) and Lawrence Livermore have agreed to collaborate on the development of a broad-spectrum or “universal” coronavirus vaccine.
Six images of a cheetah used for machine learning.
// Recognition
A paper coauthored by a Laboratory scientist received the IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision’s Best Paper Honorable Mention award.
Artist rendering of patented flexible thin-film neural implants.
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The Laboratory has developed an ultra-compact, lightweight and minimally invasive optoelectronic neural implant that could be used for long-term studies of brain activity.
(left) Clouds over dark landscape; (center) power plant with smokestacks; (right) polar ice pack.
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The planet is committed to global warming in excess of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) just from greenhouse gases that have already been added to the atmosphere.
Three images of the rotation of a crystal structure.
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Livermore scientists have developed a freely available package, Autopack, which can automatically process and label the packing motifs of thousands of molecular crystal structures.
Two images (left) of uranium fuel pellet isotopic heterogeneity and graph showing uranium enrichment (right).
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Livermore scientists identified nuclear forensic signatures from mock evidence in support of an international exercise simulating a nuclear smuggling investigation.
Artist's conception of pancreas.
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Georgetown University, and Livermore scientists and collaborators have identified a protein that when removed from the body may help pancreatic cancer patients live longer.
Dr. Kelly Humbird pictured with horse.
// Recognition
Texas A&M University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering has honored Livermore physicist Kelli Humbird with its 2020–21 Young Former Student Award.
Clouds at night illuminated from behind
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Livermore scientists found that climate models may have overestimated the decade-to-decade natural variability of temperature.