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Composite image of tree, grass, desert
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Laboratory researchers are exploring revolutionary technologies and improved storage methods for reducing atmospheric waste gases.
Researchers testing drones at enclosure
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Livermore has opened the new OS-150 Robotics Laboratory, an outdoor, 8,000 square-foot enclosure.
Livermore physicist Nicholas Christofilos describes Operation Argus.
// A Look Back
In 1958, the United States conducted a set of nuclear tests, codenamed ARGUS, to determine whether they could interfere with communications and weapons performance.
LLNL researchers Richard Kraus, Arthur Pak, Daniel Casey and Félicie Albert
// Recognition
Four scientists from Lawrence Livermore have been selected for the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineers (PECASE).
Ryan Chen
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Emergency crews may be better prepared if a radiological dispersal device (RDD), or “dirty bomb,” ever explodes in the United States because of a new simulator.
Artist's conception of a comet impact on Earth
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A new super-fast high-pressure device allows scientists to simulate and study earthquakes and meteorite impacts more realistically in the lab.
 Eyal Feigenbaum, Félicie Albert, and Bruce Warner
// Recognition
Livermore scientists Félicie Albert, Eyal Feigenbaum and Bruce Warner have been named senior members of the Optical Society.
Co-Optima's FY18 Year in Review publication cover
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Researchers with the Co-Optimization of Fuels & Engines (Co-Optima) initiative have identified six blendstocks from two chemical families that exhibit the greatest potential to dramatically increase efficiency.
Model of biomolecule
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Livermore scientists have developed a promising drug that permeates the blood-brain barrier.
Ship lowering raft into ocean
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The LLNL Independent Diagnostic Scoring System (LIDSS) measures crucial impact parameters during intercontinental ballistic missile tests.