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Diagram of dry laser powder bed fusion with geometric shapes and arrows
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Livermore is partnering with Ampcera Inc. to develop solvent-free Laser Powder Bed Fusion additive manufacturing technologies for the fabrication of 3D-structured lithium battery cathodes.
Artist's conception of laser beam hitting nitrogen molecules (double spheres)
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Livermore scientists have obtained high-precision thermodynamic data on warm dense nitrogen at extreme conditions.
Journal cover with clear disck and three beams passing through it
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Researchers demonstrate the ability to generate metasurfaces that can be tailored to satisfy large-area antireflective applications for bandpass or broadband needs.
Head shots of Sofia Quaglione, left, and Jennifer Pett-Ridge
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Two Livermore scientists are recipients of the prestigious 2021 E.O. Lawrence Award that recognizes mid-career U.S. scientists and engineers for exceptional scientific, technical and engineering achievements.
Rough bumps extending right to left
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LLNL researchers have reported a significant advance in broadband antireflective coatings applied to optics using nanostructure metasurface technology.
Image of CPU circuts
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In today’s technologically advanced world, scientific measurements are often converted into digital representations to enable processing and storage.

Dollar sign within button, text
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Livermore researchers have devised a physics-based cryptocurrency that links electrical energy and blockchain technologies.
Left to right, head shots of John Despotopulos, Mimi Yung and Timofey Frolov
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Three scientists from Livermore are recipients of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Early Career Research Program award.
Left: Annemarie Meike head shot; right Mary Holden-Sanchez head shot
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The Department of Energy’s Technology Transfer Working Group awarded two Lawrence Livermore employees with “Best in Class” awards.
Three vertical supercomputers side by side
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Three predecessor machines for Lawrence Livermore’s future exascale system El Capitan ranked highly on the latest Top500 List of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.