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Molecular structure of carbon aerogel
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Livermore scientists working alongside Stanford University researchers have made headway toward a new generation of tailored, reversible water treatment.
An artist’s rendering of 55 Cancri e, a carbon-rich exoplanet
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An international team of researchers led by LLNL and the University of Oxford has successfully measured carbon at pressures reaching 2,000 GPa (five times the pressure in Earth’s core).
Text "Secretary's Achievement Awards" and DOE logo
// Recognition
Livermore employees, participating in 10 project teams, recently earned Department of Energy Secretary Achievement Awards.
Astronomers' simulation of the appearance of the star AB Doradus
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NASA has selected Livermore and Goddard Space Flight Center to serve as lead institutions for the Pandora scientific mission that will study 20 stars and their 39 exoplanets.
Peter Celliers
// Recognition
Livermore's Peter Celliers was recently elected to the executive committee as vice-chair of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter.
2020 Early and Mid-Career Recognition Awards
// Director's Awards

Twelve scientists and engineers have been named to LLNL's sixth annual Early and Mid-Career Recognition (EMCR) Program in recognition of scientific and technical accomplishments, leadership, and future promise demonstrated early in their careers.

Cover, Getting to Neutral report
// Recognition
Livermore’s "Getting to Neutral" Carbon Emissions Team has earned a Department of Energy Secretary Achievement Award for its work on how California could become carbon neutral by 2045.
2020 S&T Excellence in Publication Awards
// Director's Awards

Eleven staff project teams, six postdocs, and four students have received 2020 S&T Excellence in Publication Awards for their exceptional endeavors in science and technology.

2020 Director's Diversity & Inclusion Awards
// Director's Awards

Two project teams and four individuals have received 2020 Director's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Awards that recognize the importance of embodying LLNL values, especially inclusiveness, in the work that employees do.

2020 Director’s Science and Technology Awards
// Director's Awards

Five teams have received 2020 Director's Science and Technology Awards for their exceptional endeavors in science and technology.