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Gold bar image superimposed on NIF test chamber and Z machine
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Shockless compression experiments establish new pressure scales.
Collage of images of four high-energy density research facilities
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A recent paper examines the various experimental techniques and key findings of material states under extreme high energy density (HED) conditions based on work conducted at Livermore and other facilities around the world.
The Z line VISAR final optics assembly
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Livermore and Sandia national laboratories continue their longstanding collaboration on high-energy-density research.
Chemical formulae and structures
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A research team has created machine learning models that can predict molecules’ crystalline properties from their chemical structures alone, such as molecular density.
Nuclear weapon blast simulation
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A Livermore team has taken a closer look at how nuclear weapon blasts close to the Earth’s surface create complications in their effects and apparent yields.
Xue Zheng (left) and Andrea Schmidt
// Recognition
Two scientists from Livermore are recipients of the 2021 Department of Energy’s Office of Science Early Career Research Program award.
B&W photo of Richard Post sitting next to giant magnet
// A Look Back
Livermore began investigating controlled thermonuclear reactions and fusion early in its history
Equipment in the Jupiter laser
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Researchers describe how a laser-plasma system can be tuned to produce large and measurable changes in the group velocity of light.
Lab equipment with laser
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Researchers have developed a light-activated switch that, if fully deployed, could reduce carbon emissions by more than 10 percent.
Title words and mujlticolored globular visualization
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The Livermore-led VisIt visualization and analysis tool has supported scalable, high-quality evaluation of simulation results for over 20 years.