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2023 Director’s Excellence in Publication Awards
// Director's Awards
Nineteen papers covering a wide spectrum of research have received 2023 Director’s Excellence in Publication Awards. This honor acknowledges and rewards outstanding scientific and technical publications by Laboratory staff.
An atomic level view of Li-Mg imide nanoparticle wrapped by a layer of carbon host after hydrogen desorption
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LLNL computational scientists worked with experimental collaborators at Lawrence Berkeley and Sandia national laboratories to design metal amide-based composites capable of overcoming key kinetic limitations in their performance as hydrogen storage materials.
SOHIP image of earth during the day
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The hardware included the U.S. Space Force’s Space Test Program Houston 9 (STP-H9) platform, which houses a prototype telescope designed and built by LLNL's Space Science and Security Program.
Photo os David Gibson and Paul Pax
// Recognition
LLNL scientists David Gibson and Paul Pax have been named senior members of Optica (formerly OSA).
heatmap of the risk of equipment overload for a 70,000-bus synthetic system, representative of the eastern United States
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To advance the modeling and computational techniques needed to develop more efficient grid-control strategies under emergency scenarios, a multi-institutional team has used a LLNL-developed software capable of optimizing the grid’s response to potential disruption events under different weather scenarios, on Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Frontier supercomputer.
photo of Daniel Casey and Gauthier Deblonde
// Recognition
LLNL scientists Daniel Casey and Gauthier Deblonde have been named recipients of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Early Career Research Program award.
Megajoule Neutron Imaging Radiography Experiment team
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In early May, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Megajoule Neutron Imaging Radiography Experiment (MJOLNIR) team’s dense plasma focus (DPF) achieved greater than 1012 neutrons in a single deuterium

An atomic-level view of water confined in a small-diameter nanotube.
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A new study provides surprising behavior of hydrogen bonding of water confined in carbon nanotubes.

A large portion of Greenland melted about 416,000 years ago — perhaps a bit like the small melt pond shown in this modern Greenland landscape — and became ice-free tundra or a boreal forest.
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A large portion of Greenland was an ice-free tundra landscape — perhaps covered by trees and roaming wooly mammoths — in the recent geologic past (about 416,000 years ago), according to a new study in the journal

Understanding the properties of the warm dense matter in planetary cores could help indicate if a planet could support life.
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To learn about the properties of materials under changing temperatures and pressures, researchers typically combine laboratory experiments with theoretical models and computer simulations.