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Two scientists examine thin-film electrode
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Thin-film electrodes developed at Lawrence Livermore have been used in human patients at the University of California, San Francisco, generating never-before-seen recordings of brain activity in the hippocampus.
Chemical compund formulae and scale of solubility
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A new study suggests a microbial pathway to removing uranium from groundwater.
Artist’s depiction of a liposomal drug carrier studded with carbon nanotube porins that is docking to a cancer cell surface
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A research team has used carbon nanotubes to enable direct drug delivery from liposomes through the plasma membrane into the cell interior.
Jeff Hittinger
// Recognition
The Krell Institute, a nonprofit organization serving the scientific and educational communities, has awarded Livermore computational scientist Jeff Hittinger with its 2021 James Corones Award in Leadership, Community Building and Communication.
Dr. Christopher Cross in front of poster of award
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Chris Cross, deputy associate program leader for Weapons and Complex Integration’s Strategic Partnership Programs, has received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award from the Department of the Army.
Schematic of the “BeEST” experiment
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A research team has demonstrated the power of using nuclear decay in high-rate quantum sensors in the search for sterile neutrinos.
Three scientists
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Three Livermore postdoctoral appointees have been selected to attend the 70th annual Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting in Germany.
Scientist in front of tabletop bench equipment
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Livermore scientists have developed a high-precision interferometer system to measure the pressure dependence of the refractive index in diamond anvil cells.
The L3 high-average-power petawatt laser system
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The L3-HAPLS, the world’s highest-average-power petawatt laser system designed and built by Livermore, reached a major milestone during a recent demonstration at ELI Beamlines Research Center.
Bronis R. De Supinski
// Recognition
Bronis R. de Supinski, chief technology officer for Livermore Computing, is one of the top influencers in the high performance computing industry for 2021, according to HPCwire.