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Headshots of Ibo Matthews and Frank Graziani
// Recognition

Livermore scientists Manyalibo “Ibo” Matthews and Frank Graziani have been named 2023 American Physical Society (APS) fellows.

Depiction of Earth's magnetic field
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In a paper recently published in Physical Review B, a team of researchers from

LLNL team members look over a prototype of the gamma-ray spectrometer
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An instrument designed and built by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers departed Earth last week on a two-billion-mile, nearly six-year journey through space to explore a rare, largely metal asteroid.

August 2023 issue of Advanced Science
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Livermore researchers have adapted their novel metasurface process, which creates a thin layer on the surface of an optic, to create an all-glass metasurface with birefringence, or dual refraction, properties.

ncient human footprints found in White Sands National Park, New Mexico. Image courtesy of USGS.
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New research reaffirms that human footprints found in White Sands National Park, New Mexico, date to the Last Glacial Maximum, placing humans in North America thousands of years earlier than once thought. In September 2021, U.S.

LLNL physicist Nino Landen has received a 2023 Edward Teller Award, which comes with an engraved silver medal.
// Recognition
Otto “Nino” Landen, a distinguished member of the technical staff and the inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments group leader at LLNL, has been awarded the 2023 Edward Teller Medal.
headshot of Alex Zylstra
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist Alex Zylstra has been awarded the 2023 Edouard Fabre Prize for his experimental leadership of the milestone Hybrid-E” campaign that achieved fusion ignition at the National Ignition Fa

LNL researchers Aimy Sebastian and Nick Hum examine samples of engineered bone marrow that can be used as  a drug-screening platform that offers a protective effect on osteosarcoma (OS) cells that parallel clinical responses and could increase the survival rate of OS patients
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LLNL scientists along with collaborators from the University of California, Davis have adapted previously described engineered bone marrow (eBM) for use as a 3D platform to study how microenvironmental and immune factors affect OS tumor progression.
2023 Early and Mid-Career Recognition (EMCR) Program
// Director's Awards
Twelve scientists and engineers have been named to LLNL’s ninth annual Early and Mid-Career Recognition (EMCR) Program to honor the scientific and technical accomplishments, leadership and future promise demonstrated early in their careers.
Empirical measurements of carbon and nitrogen exchange between algae and bacteria, using stable isotope tracing, allowed the LLNL team to identify three different bacteria types with distinct ecological roles, providing a conceptual framework to better understand how the algal microbiome plays a role in carbon and nitrogen degradation and recycling.
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Researchers from Lawrence Livermore used LLNL’s nanoSIMS to understand and quantify the role of the algal microbiome in processing algal carbon (C) and nitrogen (N). The research appears in Nature Communications.