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Velocity streamlines of an aerodynamic model
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Livermore engineers have demonstrated aerodynamically integrated energy-efficient vehicle shapes for heavy vehicles.
Artist's rendering of lattice structure
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Researchers have developed a groundbreaking method for transporting liquids and gases using 3D-printed lattice design.
Bill Pitz
// Recognition
Livermore engineer Bill Pitz has earned a lifetime distinguished achievement award from the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office.
Artist's rendering of a quantum computer chip
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New research sheds light on a major challenge to realizing the promise and potential of quantum computing—error correction.
Artist's rendering of spectrometer
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A research team has designed a novel x-ray crystal spectrometer to provide high-resolution measurements of a challenging feature of high-energy-density (HED) matter.
Federica Coppari
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Federica Coppari uses the world’s most powerful laser to recreate the cores of distant worlds. (Quanta magazine)
Painting by Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte
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A new high-speed 3D manufacturing technology is about to enter the market.
Diagram of mouse knee joint with data graph
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Livermore scientists scientists have profiled articular cartilage from healthy and injured mouse knee joints at a single-cell resolution to better understand osteoarthritis.
Schematic of semiconductor switch
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Livermore engineers have designed a new kind of laser-driven semiconductor switch that can achieve higher speeds at higher voltages than existing photoconductive devices.
Composite false-color image of the Andromeda galaxy
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Thousands of images of Earth and space have been taken by a compact space imaging payload developed by Livermore researchers and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems.