Science and Technology Highlights

The Lick Observatory’s Laser Guide Star forms a beam of glowing atmospheric sodium ions.
// Lasers & Optics, S&T Highlights
The Laboratory has delivered a first-of-its-kind, high-power, fiber-based sodium laser guide star to the University of California, Santa Cruz.
A cross-sectional look at a NIF fuel capsule
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LLNL target fabrication scientists have found a way to make an already hair-thin layer of frozen inertial confinement fusion fuel even slimmer.
A range of Discovery Science Program ideas
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The Discovery Science Program has spun off a wealth of benefits to the world’s largest and highest-energy laser system.
The Sierra supercomputer
// HPC, S&T Highlights
Sierra, Livermore’s newest supercomputer, rose to second place on the list of the world’s fastest computing systems, the TOP500 List.
The Corona high-performance computing cluster
// HPC, S&T Highlights
Livermore will accept delivery of Corona, a new unclassified high-performance computing cluster.
Power lines
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Livermore scientists are working to determine the risk to the grid from a cyberattack.
Scientist tests opitcal fiber
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Livermore has won five Technology Commercialization Fund grants from the Department of Energy.
Swetha Chandrasekaran holds 3D-printed graphene aerogel supercapacitor
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Researchers at Livermore and the University of California, Santa Cruz have created 3D-printed supercapacitor electrodes capable of achieving record-breaking performance.
LLNL at the Grace Hopper Cnference
// HPC, S&T Highlights
Lawrence Livermore sent 43 employees to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration, the premier international gathering of women in computing.
Black widow spider
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Livermore and other institutions collaborate to discover how spiders make silk