Science and Technology Highlights

Schematic view of capsule support system
// HEDS, S&T Highlights
Two new experimental techniques are shedding new light on the effects of hydrodynamic instabilities in NIF inertial confinement fusion implosions.
Anna Belle holding probes
// BIO, LDRD, S&T Highlights
The Laboratory has developed a new technique that enhances the performance of its flexible thin-film biological sensors,
A colorized scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli (E. coli).
// BIO, S&T Highlights
Multi-institutional research team develops a new system to control gene expression in laboratory bacteria.
Nanoporous gold structure
// AM, LDRD, S&T Highlights
Combining 3D printing through extrusion-based direct ink writing and an alloying and dealloying process, researchers have engineered nanoporous gold.
Scientist in front of the CMS detector
// HEDS, S&T Highlights
A research team announced the discovery of the Higgs boson particle transforming into bottom quarks as it decays.
Scientists examine floor-standing equipment
// NCI, S&T Highlights
A team of Livermore scientists has developed an expanded nuclear fission chain theory and detectors.
Barry Chen among racks of supercomputers
// HPC, LDRD, S&T Highlights
Researchers are developing new deep learning and high-performance computing algorithms that can sift through massive amounts of data for evidence of nuclear proliferation activities.
Neural implant that can control the electrical activity of brain cells
// BIO, S&T Highlights
A research team has taken a major step forward in enabling “multicolor” optogenetic control of different neuron types.
A sample of microarchitectured graphene aerogel
// AM, LDRD, S&T Highlights
An LLNL–Virginia Tech team reported producing micro-architectured 3D graphene aerogel structures with higher resolution and complexity than anything created before with other 3D printing methods.
Image of Jupiter with water droplet
// HEDS, LDRD, S&T Highlights
A research team led by scientists at Lawrence Livermore describes optical measurements of the insulator-to-metal transition in fluid hydrogen.